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Moral Legislation protects biblical and family values in our society

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Why We Can't Stay Silent

The church and Christians must be involved in social and political change. In his book, Tom Minnery makes a case that has proven true. Society's social and family decay has started with an attack on biblical values...

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How to Win the Culture War

Dr. Kreeft claims that making "Peace" with moral disrespecters won't put our society at peace with God. He assures us that our battle is against Satan. We must be bold with our beliefs and spread God's love to those around us.

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We Must See It Is The Snake That Bites Us

Each individual and our culture must first see that they are blind to the cause of their problems. Many blame it on "the system", faulty politics, and even God. However, they are missing the problem - it is the result of each individual's sin and walking away from God. The verse that sets the stage for the salvation verse to the world explains the first step to restoring what we lost.

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We Must See It Is Jesus' Death On The Cross That Saves Us

As a followup to We Must See It Is The Snake That Bites Us, Josh Ginn explains what Jesus' death on the cross actually means from John 3:16 and how we can believe in His conquering death for our Eternal salvation and living for God today.

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