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Marriage Amendment in Iowa

In 2009 judges and legislators passed a law to legalize same-sex marriage in Iowa without consulting the people. This is unacceptable. Our current project is to restore this state to have the definition of marriage to be between one man and one woman. A solution is to pass a marriage amendment in Iowa. An amendment like this can only be passed by the people of Iowa and no legislator or judge can change it or rule around it.

Some ask if State law Marriage Amendments are still worth the fight. Winston Churchill said, "Never, never, never give up!". They are worth the fight, because this is a battle against evil. Moreover, regardless of what some careless or fearful judges decide in wanting to satisfy homosexuals' requests: The voice of the people will have spoken, and it is clear we have said that homosexuality is not marriage, but that true "Marriage" is between One Man and One Woman. I will not stop, please don't you either.

To pass a marriage amendment, it must go through three phases, each which take a year. The first two phases/years, the Iowa Legislators of two consecutive general assemblies have to pass a marriage amendment bill. Then the third phase, citizens of Iowa vote on it. If the majority of Iowans vote for the marriage amendment, then it will be come law, and the definition of marriage will be written to the Iowa constitution, the highest law of the state.

However, if any one of the three processes fails to be completed and in favor of a marriage amendment, then the entire process starts over. This is why it is important to join our group and show your support strong in the beginning and throughout.

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Josh Ginn
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